In a significant step towards promoting gender equality in education, Windle International Uganda (WIU) is managing yet a new scholarship program benefiting 19 refugee girls to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Education. The scholarship is funded under  a collaboration launched between UNHCR and the University of Kisubi.  Given the long outstanding and successful partnership with UNHCR, WIU will support the beneficiaries through their course of study.

This initiative aims to increase access to  higher educational for refugee girls, empowering them to become role models within their communities. “The University of Kisubi has extended support to cover tuition of all the 19 girls enabling them attain their degrees in the field of Education. Most of these girls’ dreams are coming true after several attempts of apply to prestigious scholarships of this kind,” said Hilda N. Masaba, Programme Manager, Scholarships, Windle International Uganda.

The scholarship program recognizes the unique challenges faced by refugee girls, including limited access to higher  education. It is driven by the following key objectives:

  1. Access to Higher Education: The primary goal is to break barriers to higher education that refugee girls often encounter. By providing full scholarships for a Bachelor’s degree in Education, the program ensures that these girls have the opportunity to go through the programme with no financial challenges.
  2. Empowering Role Models: The program aims to empower these young women to become role models within their communities. They will stand out as models of  of success, inspiring other girls and young women to pursue their academic and career aspirations.
  3. Promoting Female Teachers: One of the program’s long-term objectives is to address the shortage of female teachers, both in Uganda and beyond. By encouraging and supporting refugee girls to become teachers, it contributes to increasing the representation of women in the education sector

The students have already been on boarded and started their studies. This will directly contribute to equitable access to higher education for marginalized populations. “The recent on-boarding of UNIK scholarship for 19 refugee girls pursuing a Bachelor’s in Education is a commendable step towards ensuring access to higher education for marginalized populations. By empowering these girls to become teachers, the program not only uplifts their individual lives but also contributes to progress in the education sector as a whole. The presence of female teachers not only enhances the quality of education but also paves the way for a more inclusive, equal, and prosperous society,” noted Hilda N. Masaba, Programme Manager, Scholarships, Windle International Uganda.

About the University of Kisubi

University of Kisubi (UniK) is a private University owned by the Registered Trustees of the Uganda Brothers of Christian Instruction. Its forerunner, Kisubi Brothers University College (KBUC), was founded on 15th August 2004 when the Brothers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Uganda Martyrs University to establish Kisubi Brothers Centre of Uganda Martyrs University (KBUMU). On 27th March 2009, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) granted KBUMU a constituent college status and became Kisubi Brothers University College (KBUC), a Constituent College of Uganda Martyrs University. On the 29th June 2015, NCHE granted an independent operational license to the university in its new name, University of Kisubi (UniK).

UniK is a private university rooted in the Catholic ethos but remains open to all those who qualify for its programs. It is located 24 km from Kampala along Kampala – Entebbe Highway.

Blessed with a conducive learning and teaching environment, UniK is committed to remaining a hallmark and a niche for quality education in Uganda and in the broader East African region.


Compiled by: Joseph Waninda

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