About us

In 1977, Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington set up the Windle Charitable Trust in Kenya to support needy Kenyan students and refugees else where in Africa to study in British universities. He believed that access to good education was essential if Africa was to meet the challenges it faced. Before his death in 1986, Hugh had made arrangements for his personal estate to be used to set up a foundation to promote education of refugees.

In 1988 the Huge Pilkington Charitable International Trust (HPCT) was established in the UK. Subsequently Windle International programs were set up in Uganda in 1996. Other Program Offices where set up in Khartoum, Ethiopia and Juba in 2005.  At the moment Windle International Uganda is a member of the Windle Trust International Federation with programs in the UK as Windle Trust International, in Kenya as Windle International Kenya, in Khartoum as Windle Trust International Sudan and in Southern Sudan as Windle Trust International South Sudan.

Windle International Uganda(WIU) is a registered INGO whose mission is to promte peace and development in communities through coordination of education and training opportunities for refugees and people affected by conflict from Africa. Windle International Uganda has been a leading provider of access to university education, post-primary education, primary education and vocational skills training for conflict-affected Africans since 1996.

To date, in partnership with United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR), Windle International Uganda has supported over 300,000 refugees and people affected by conflict to access quality education from Early Childhood Development to University.

WIU also offers university scholarships to local universities within Uganda for undergraduate and masters programmes in UK universities. Over the years, Windle International Uganda through the DAFI programme , has offered more than 547 scholarships to refugees for undergraduates and 547 for masters in different disciplines with 82% being refugees. Currently, there 457 students on DAFI scholarship across universities in Uganda enrolled in different courses. Windle has 07 students currently for masters in United Kingdom.