Arizona University – Online University Study (2019)

WIU in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) implemented the Education for Humanity project: Powered by SolarSPELL. It was a 12 week pilot that aimed to provide optimal access to a quality tertiary education course to refugee, asylum seeker, displaced and host community learners.

The project targeted 25-30 learners in Nakivale Settlement of whom a percentage were members from the host communities. The project intended to create access to a tertiary education course (AGB250 Agribusiness: Economics of the Allocation of Resources) through an off-line Wi-Fi connection in a low resource area.

The pilot study assessed the effectiveness of the SolarSPELL technology to deliver an offline college-level course in an under-resourced setting, with the intent to increase access to tertiary education for refugee, displaced and marginalized learners in settlements in Uganda.

Some of the graduates with their family members, WIU staff and a representative from ASU during the AGB graduation ceremony.

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