Better World Uganda – Construction of Budri Primary School in Palorinya Refugee Settlement (2018)

Due to the increased enrolment in the existing primary schools in Palorinya Refugee Settlement, a new school was established however the existing structures at that time were not suitable for children to learn in. To bridge the gap, WIU in partnership with Better World started a project to construct standard classrooms (14 in total), a staff room, 2 administration offices and 2 blocks of 3 latrine stances each for Boys and Girls.

                                                                                    Three latrine stances for girls

Three Stances Latrine for Boys

The main aim was to jointly contribute towards improved quality of education by reducing classroom to pupil and latrine to pupil ratios. This increased school enrolment and learners attendance, improved the quality of learning because of efficient ratios, improved hygiene and sanitation and promoted in-class concentration and performance of the learners.

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