Breaking the Silence: Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Hygiene Management

From the 2020 Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA) study conducted in Obongi and Moyo districts, finding indicated that Girls have limited access to sanitary pads that hinders their access to education. This was evident, in the community of Lomunga where Lomunga primary School is situated.  Girls in Lomunga Primary schools once reached puberty stage were immediately […]

From Despair to Student Leadership: Robert’s Journey

In the midst of conflict and uncertainty in South Sudan, Robert Wani Ali found himself engulfed in despair. The once-promising prospects of education, peace, and a meaningful life were overshadowed by the constant echo of gunshots. Forced to flee to Uganda in 2016, Robert, like many others, sought refuge from the chaos that had torn […]

Jennifer Ulea’s Journey in the Electrical World of Adjumani Refugee Settlement

In the sprawling Adjumani Refugee Settlement, amidst the challenges and uncertainties that define the lives of refugees and host communities, emerges a story of resilience and determination of Jennifer Ulea, a 32-year-old refugee from South Sudan. Jennifer Ulea’s journey began in war-torn South Sudan, where conflict and displacement uprooted her from her home and forced […]

SRP Scholarship is the Breakthrough I Need in My Life

Ramba Bidal Emmanuel, 23 years was born in South Sudan. He fled to Uganda in 2016 when war broke out in South Sudan. By then, he was studying at Seroma Christian School, Mukono and had gone back home in South Sudan for holidays.  He came to Uganda with a neighbour who helped him move from […]