Skills for Employment Project (SEP)

The Skills for Employment Project is a two year project funded by EU TF (European Union Trust Fund) being implemented by Windle International Uganda in three rural districts of Koboko, Yumbe, and Obongi in West Nile Uganda. The overall objective of this project is to increase access to sustainable employment opportunities for the host community […]

Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP)

Windle International Uganda EQUIP Project

With Support from the Latter-Day Saint Charities (LDS), Windle International Uganda is implementing the Education Quality Improvement Project in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The project aims to contribute to the quality of Education in Nakivale through; Constructing 18 classrooms in 4 of the most overcrowded primary schools and 3 classrooms in Nakivale Secondary School Providing Furniture […]

Sanitation for All Project

The Sanitation for All Project (SAP) and the Sanitation for All Learners Project (SALP) are one-year project implemented by WIU in partnership with InTouch Global Foundation in Rhino Camp and Oruchinga. The project aims at ensuring protection and safeguarding of children by supporting the establishment of appropriate health, safety and sanitation measures are in place before the […]

Arizona University – Online University Study (2019)

WIU in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) implemented the Education for Humanity project: Powered by SolarSPELL. It was a 12 week pilot that aimed to provide optimal access to a quality tertiary education course to refugee, asylum seeker, displaced and host community learners. The project targeted 25-30 learners in Nakivale Settlement of whom a percentage were members […]