The Value of a Master’s Degree Scholarship

“A decade of war can wipe out an entire generation of Socially and Economically able citizens.,”Anonymous. This quote is almost true for Northern Uganda that was torn apart by the LRA insurgency. Even 14 years after it ended, the effects of the war remain with the millions that were internally displaced and only returned to […]

A push in the right direction

The Manager of Accountability to Affected Persons Project at the International Rescue Committee for South Western region in Uganda, John Bisimwa Mulemangabo feels very fortunate to be contributing to Uganda and a community he so easily relates to. A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, John has spent most of his life in Uganda […]

Changing the face of Medical Imaging in Uganda, one man at a time

The LRA insurgency in Northern even though long gone, left a developmental gap that still lingers and signs of it remain especially in the low levels of Education amongst the natives. The Postgraduate programme implemented by Windle Trust UK and Windle International Uganda is a programme tailored to alleviate some of these effects in a […]

Doreen: A Budding Gender Powerhouse

As the Women Protection and Empowerment Learning Advisor for the International Rescue Committee Uganda, Doreen feels fortunate to be able to serve women and girls at a level in which she knows she can influence policy change. Anadvocate for women and girls’rights, she has her eyes set on the international scene, where she can reach […]