• Respect for Individuals

WIU shall value and uphold with dignity the potential and worth of every individual, including beneficiaries, staff, stakeholders and partners.

  • Equity

WIU shall promote fairness through equitable treatment and nurturing of staff and beneficiaries, and positive discrimination to ameliorate previous exclusion practices based on gender, ethnicity, disability, vulnerability, and difficulties of access.

  • Honesty and Transparency

WIU shall operate with honesty and transparency with donors, beneficiaries, stakeholders and within the organization.

  • Professional Conduct

WIU shall promote professional conduct in the management of its programmes through the hiring and retention of qualified, competent, experienced, and motivated staff, through clear policies and through adherence to the highest professional standards.

  • Stewardship

WIU shall practice responsible stewardship of resources by assuring the efficient and prudent use of funds and equipment & by seeking value for money whilst maintaining an awareness of the importance of quality.