Education as a Protection Tool

Windle International Uganda is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in Uganda to support and empower refugees, conflict-affected populations, and marginalized communities through various education programs that aim to protect children from various risks and ensure their rights to education are upheld.

At WIU, providing a safe and supportive learning environment for vulnerable and marginalized children takes several dimensions including:

Child Protection: We promote comprehensive child protection measures by establishing and strengthening child protection policies and systems within schools. This includes developing child safeguarding guidelines, conducting awareness campaigns on child rights, and training teachers and staff on child protection protocols.

Psychosocial Support: Recognizing the impact of traumatic experiences on children’s learning, we provide psychosocial support services to children affected by conflicts, displacement, or other emergencies. This involves counseling, trauma healing programs, and creating safe spaces where children can engage in recreational activities and express their emotions.

Gender Equality: We work towards addressing gender disparities and promoting gender equality in education. We advocate for the rights of girls to access education, address gender-based violence in schools, and promote inclusive and gender-responsive teaching and learning environments.

Inclusive Education: Our programming focuses on creating equal educational opportunities for children with disabilities and those from marginalized communities. We support inclusive education by providing specialized training for teachers, facilitating access to assistive devices, and advocating for inclusive policies and practices.


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