Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP)

Windle International Uganda EQUIP Project

With funding from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Windle International Uganda implemented a 12 months’ project titled ‘Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP)’ in Nakivale Refugee settlement in 2020/2021. The project was designed to address the education needs in Nakivale refugee settlement to improve the quality of Education for refugees and host communities in primary and secondary schools and vocational training. The project interventions were implemented in Nyarugugu, Misyera, Ruhoko, Nakivale, Kabahinda Primary schools, Nakivale Secondary school and Nakivale Vocational Training Centre (VTC).

Project Objectives:

  1. To increase access to quality primary and secondary education through provision of additional school infrastructure.
  2. To provide support to the vocationalization of secondary education through provision of training materials at Nakivale VTC.

This was done through;

  • Construction of 18 classrooms in 4 of the most overcrowded primary schools and 3 classrooms in Nakivale Secondary School
  • Furnishing the constructed classrooms
  • Equipping the computer laboratory with desktop computers and internet connectivity
  • Procuring text and curriculum books for teachers and students to facilitate the teaching of the newly introduced lower secondary school curriculum
  • Providing training materials for vocational skills training at Nakivale VTC to support the training of Nakivale Secondary School students to access vocational skills.

The handover of the 18 classrooms took place in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in June 2022.  The occasion was attended by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ representatives, and the buildings were officially handed over to the schools.

Constructed and furnished classrooms

Equipped computer laboratory at Nakivale Secondary School

Training materials for vocational skills training at Nakivale VTC in use

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