Four Windle International Uganda Supported Students Get First Class Honours Degree

Ndejje University held its 23rd graduation December 17 ceremony with thousands earning respective awards from Bachelor’s level to Doctorates.

The celebrations saw 26 students supported by Windle International Uganda under the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) scholarship program graduating in various disciplines. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, 4 (Male) out of the 26 got first class degrees and received their certificate of honour from the University. The celebrations were held at the University’s main campus in Luweero.

Those who graduated with first class honours degrees were; Julius Mumbere and Francis Pious Omal who were awarded first class degree Bachelors in Sustainable Agriculture Extension. John Poul Tap was awarded with a first class degree Bachelor in Science in Sustainable Agriculture Extension. while Victor Ladu was awarded a first class degree Bachelor in science in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

The rest of the 22 students who also scored well include; Maureen Kaku (B. Procurement and Logistics), Innocent Angu (BSc. Engineering), Gloria Raleo (B. Education), Stephen Mandela (B. Sustainable Agriculture Extension), Felix Wani Tukube Wani (B. Procurement and Logistics), Alex Charles Amule (B. Civil Engineering), Ezra Phillip Alafi (B. Business Admin.), Clement Scopas Guya (B. Procurement and Logistics), John Juma (BSc. Information Technology), Swail Abui (B. Development Studies), James Lubari (BSc. Sustainable Agriculture Extension), Jacob Moju (B. Entrepreneurship and Management), John Ahebwa Bahemuka (B. Industrial Art and Design), Alex Kitara (B. Mechanical Engineering), Jacob Barayavuga (BSc. Accounting and Finance) John Loguya (B. Education), Bilal Lokiden Busi (B. Business Administration), Alex Tunda (B. Education), Rejina Justin Aba (BSc. Agriculture Entrepreneurship and Farm Management), Joel Khemis (BSc. Sustainable Agriculture Extension), Richard Joseph Lopira (BSc. Sustainable Agriculture Extension), Simon Feben Tewolde (BSc. Civil Engineering).
Windle International Uganda congratulates the graduands for having held their ground during the pandemic and still managed to graduate.

SUCCESS STORY – TAP JOHN PUOL (2021 Graduate from Ndejje University)

It is with great joy that I graduated with a first class degree from Ndejje University under the DAFI scholarship scheme managed by Windle International Uganda.
I was honored to be admitted for a course leading to the award of B.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture and Extension in 2016. At the time of admission, I did not have the funds to support me at University. My brother in-law supported me through primary and secondary school but was unable to continue supporting me at university level.

When the DAFI scholarship was advertised in 2017, I applied and was among the lucky students from Rhino camp in Arua that were selected to benefit from the scholarship.

I am happy that during my studies, I never faced any difficulties because Windle International Uganda paid my allowance and tuition in time. Since I was not getting disruptions, I concentrated on my studies and attained a first class degree. I was so happy to be recognized by the University as per my certificate of honour

I am currently working with Welthungerhilfe in South Sudan as an Emergency Deputy Head of project. I am currently enrolled for a Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development at Ndejje University and currently studying online. I hope to complete my master’s degree and proceed for PhD. I want be a University lecturer in South Sudan and other African countries.

I am so happy that the scholarship has changed my life and that of my family. I am now in position to sponsor my brothers and sisters in school and support other family members. This would not have been possible without UNHCR/DAFI/Windle International Uganda scholarship.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Windle International Uganda for sponsoring me. You have brought up a man who will serve South Sudan and Africa at large.

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