From a DAFI Beneficiary to an employee in the DAFI scholarship department in WIU

My name is Mambo Toaha, a recent graduate of Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management from Nkumba University. I was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Meritorious Completion of the course.

I’m a South Sudanese Refugee from Bidi bidi Settlement in Yumbe District, currently working as a Resource Centre Assistant at Windle international Uganda Head Office.

Before getting the DAFI Scholarship, I completed A-level in 2011 and started hustling in business for sustainability for six years up to 2018 January when DAFI came to my rescue and started catering for my tuition and other University requirements. All I had to do then was to focus on my studies, when I joined DAFI in my first semester the students elected me to be their General Secretary for Nkumba University DAFI Students association, in second year I became the DAFI president Nkumba University and in my third year I became the Finance Minister in the Nkumba University Students Guild 2020/2021 Government. I’m forever grateful to DAFI and WIU for giving me the opportunity to complete my studies. After my Graduation on 26th February 2022, I saw an advert for a job position available to work in WIU and I looked at the requirements and I was eligible! So I applied and waited. I got the job as the Resource Centre Assistant at Head office to basically work in the scholarship department which has always been my dream.

I’m planning to further my studies in Masters in Supply Chain Management with a dream of becoming an International UN worker in the Procurement department.

A special thanks to DAFI, UNHCR, OPM and WIU for the continued Quality Refugee Education in Uganda and forever grateful for the WIU scholarship department team, under the umbrella of the Scholarship Manager Madam Eunice Akello and your God sent team Senior Program Officer Mama Joyce Akujo, Students Liaison Officer Mr. Johnson Singanira, SRP Project Officer Madam Sally Amony Okumu and former Resource Center Assistant Mr.  Solomon Bhaghabhonerano, I am forever grateful for the support

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