From Adversity to Aspiring Nurse: The Success Story of Rwamurenzi Erick

Rwamurenzi Erick’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the DAFI scholarship programme. Born in Uganda, Erick faced significant challenges in pursuing his education after completing his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). The financial burden was huge, and the path to his dreams appeared to be blocked.

However, luck intervened in the form of the late Aryam James, who became Erick’s guiding light, enabling him to continue his studies at Uganda Christian University in 2020. Despite this initial support, the road ahead was still fraught with obstacles. “Reflecting on my journey, I am reminded of the uncertainty I faced after completing my A levels. The prospect of continuing my education seemed impossible. However, just as divine providence works through angels, the late James Aryam (may he rest in peace) stepped in and became the catalyst for my continued education. His support, coupled with WIU generosity, propelled me forward,” Erick revealed.

Erick’s fortunes took a remarkable turn when he was selected as a beneficiary of the DAFI program in 2021. This lifeline provided by the DAFI program transformed Erick’s prospects.

With his tuition fees covered, Erick was able to fully concentrate on his studies, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science. “As I sit here, on the brink of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science at Uganda Christian University, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the role WIU and the DAFI program played in my journey. Their support has paved the way for my academic success,” Erick notes.

“Now, as I approach the end of my academic journey, I am filled with anticipation for the day I will proudly walk across the stage on 5th July 2024, adorned with the title of a nurse ready to save lives.”

Erick chose the nursing course because of his experience in senior two when he got injured while playing football. He had a scar on his head and was bleeding. However, when he reached the hospital, the nurse was fearing to dress his wound. “After this experience, I wondered if this is how they treat everyone. This inspired me to do this course so that I can help people without fear,” Erick noted.

As a nursing student, Erick spends most of his time in the hospital which he finds satisfying because of the people he treats and sees them get better. “It is always a joy to treat people, see them get better and eventually get discharged,” Erick revealed.

Erick’s academic journey has not been marked only by excellence in the classroom but also by his emergence as a leader within his university community. “With WIU support, I have been able to immerse myself fully in my studies, unencumbered by the worries of tuition fees. This has allowed me to focus on my academic growth and personal development, culminating in my role as a leader within my university community. Through this leadership role, I have gained access to various platforms that have enriched my experience and expanded my horizons,” Erick noted.

As Erick continues on his path, armed with education and determination, he is poised to make a meaningful contribution to society, embodying the spirit of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Compiled by: Joseph Waninda

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