In pursuit of Purpose

A Project Associate with Precision Agriculture for Development, Simon Rubangakene has always had a knack for research and the Postgraduate program he got, prepared him for just that. Started in 2009 targeting the Northern/Eastern/Karamoja regions of Uganda that was affected by LRAinsurgency and refugees, the UK Master’sProgramme has supported over 100Students to pursue Masters’ degree programmes in the UK.

Born and raised in Gulu, Simon is the proverbial scholar of life and believes that learning never stops. It is this hunger that pushed him to look for scholarship opportunities to further his studies. He learned of the Postgraduate program opportunity from a friend who had previously benefited after he shared with him his desire to pursue further studies. He followed up with an inquiry on the scholarships which he later applied for. As good fortune would have it, he was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in International Development at the University of Bath, UK.

Simon’s travel to the UK was an opportunity beyond the Master’s degree he got. He was exposedto a new culture and new way of doing work. The rigor and intensity of the study programme hesays tapped into a potential he didn’t know even existed within him. He came out reborn and readyto face the world. More than anything he finished his course determined to create change in his community and country at large.

Right now he is working with small scale coffee farmers in Uganda offering them digital extension services on best agronomic practices to enable them increase the level of coffee production and in turn their fortunes and livelihoods. This he does through research and quantitative data analysis. He looks forward to going back to school to further arm himself for his career in research. One thing for certain is the Postgraduate program scholarship propelled his career and gave him the much needed direction to pursue his purpose. He says, “working hard in my field to create communitydevelopment and transformation is the only way I can say thank you to Windle Trust UK for taking a chance on him.

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