Introducing the James Aryam Scholarship Programme

Windle Trust International are proud to announce the launch of a new scholarship programme as part of our flagship Postgraduate Programme. In collaboration with Windle International Uganda we are now supporting students from Sudan and South Sudan to study for a 2-year Taught-Masters degree in Uganda.

Accepting applicants from January 9th 2023 to February 5th 2023, the new scholarship aims to increase access to postgraduate education for students from Sudan and South Sudan, whilst honouring the life and work of Mr. Aryam, a dedicated Windle servant and former Executive Director of Windle International Uganda, who sadly passed away in 2021.

We believe that education transforms societies and is the best way to make lasting change. We also know that both Sudan and South Sudan are in dire need of increased educational opportunities. Whilst we have been working for almost four decades in bringing scholars from East Africa to the UK, the James Aryam Scholarships represent Windle Trust International’s first foray into strategically offering Postgraduate level scholarships within East Africa itself. The changing scholarship landscape and the improved quality of institutions in East Africa are an opportunity to bring more scholarship opportunities to our potential students.

Potential applicants can find out more about the programme, eligibility critera and how to apply here.

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Hosting scholarships in Uganda supports and aligns to the underlying principles of the Windle Trust International Postgraduate Programme, in particular in terms of sustainability and internationalism. At the simplest level, hosting scholars from East and the Horn of Africa within East Africa presents a more environmentally sustainable option than transporting scholars to the UK annually. Reducing the programme’s carbon footprint in terms of trans-continental flights is a priority that aligns with the programme principles and WTI sustainability policies.

More than this, centring scholarships within the region will allow the programme to further shed the Eurocentric approach and better support the developmental needs of East and the Horn of Africa by keeping scholars rooted in the East African community throughout their studies. Windle strongly believes in our programmes being African led and the James Aryam Scholarships are another way in which to achieve this.

We are indebted to All Saints Educational Trust and Windle International Uganda for their support in launching this programme and as valued partners of Windle Trust International.

Note: This article first appeared on Windle Trust International Website.


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