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Careers with Windle International Uganda are more of a vocation because one is called to serve humanity. Join Windle International Uganda and make a difference in the lives of Refugee children and persons affected by conflict. Our greatest asset is our foot soldiers at the settlements who include the classroom teachers, program and support staff who are passionate, talented, creative and dedicated to use their skills for the good of humanity.

Windle International Uganda is the leads agency for #Refugees Education in Uganda, delivering education and training to help safeguard and guarantee the future of refugee children and other persons affected by conflict.

With over 2,766 personnel working in 13 settlements across Uganda and Kampala head office, we use our diverse expertise to promote education at all levels.

Despite the difficulties and hardship in the settlement, our staff are proud to work for Windle and determined to make the lasting positive impact on the lives of refugee children.

Job Opportunities:

There is currently a job available at Windle International Uganda head office, Kampala. Windle International Uganda is an equal opportunity organization; hence we encourage qualified female and persons with disabilities to apply. If there are particular question(s) you would like to ask, kindly INQUIRE FROM THE HR.


Thank you for your interest in working with at Windle International Uganda.  We appreciate you taking the time to apply for this position. Although we are very impressed by what you have exhibited through your application, we are unable to respond to all your queries immediately, however, we will try to respond to them within 48 hours.

Note the deadline for the above opening is Monday 29th October 2018.

We appreciate your interest once again in working with Windle International Uganda and wish you every success in your endeavors.


HR Department

Windle International Uganda,