Keep trying and never give up

Hello, my name is Esther Sitima, a South Sudanese by origin, and I am studying Business Management, Diploma Program at Northern Lights College – Dawson Creek, British Columbia. I am excited to share my short story about the Student Refugee Program. I heard about the program from a family friend when I was in Adjumani for my Senior.6 Vacation. With that information, I kept visiting the Windle International office – Adjumani to check on the scholarship program. Luckily one day, I went and saw the advert on the noticeboard and looked through the terms and conditions. When I realized I was eligible, I quickly picked the form, filled it and returned to the office the next day. As I waited for the feedback, I ensured I was always close to my phone, checking my email and the notice board at the Windle office until I was called for the first interview.

Fortunately, I am finding life in Canada interesting and favorable having met wonderful people who are caring and help me where necessary. Also I am finding life in Canada busier than when I was home because in Canada I am doing both studies and work, something I didn’t believe I could manage when I was back home. Coming to Canada through the Student Refugee Program has changed my life greatly. Not only have I become hard-working but I have also been able to earn money to share with my family back home. I have been able to reduce the burden on my parents by supporting them where I can.

I’m looking forward to helping my fellow refugees in the future, helping my family stand on two feet, and opening my personal business where I can employ educated but unemployed refugees at home. In addition to helping them and other people find scholarship programs, supporting charitable organizations around me, and supporting my community where I can. I encourage my fellow refugees to keep trying and never give up, when you keep trying, you end up succeeding. I encourage them to believe in themselves and believe they can do anything others do.
I thank the Student Refugee program so much for supporting refugees every single year across the world. I encourage them to continue helping more refugees and motivating them to go to school, especially the girl child.

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