What We Do

Windle International Uganda works through several different innovative programmes, with funding from UNHCR and implements education and vocational skills provision for refugees, asylum seekers, and other persons of concern by sponsoring scholarships at secondary and university level.

Our main activities are:

  • Education Management
  • The DAFI Refugee University scholarships
  • Windle UK Post graduate scholarships

This the largest programme in Windle Uganda. It involves actual administra­tion of schools including hiring and remuneration of teachers at pre-primary, primary and post primary institutions in the settlements, as well as Infrastructure development, where we construct classroom blocks, latrines, teachers’ accommodation, libraries and dormitories to improve the conditions of learning for both the students and the teachers in the schools.

WIU also provides scholastic materials like chalk, text books, charts, scheme books, pens as well as furniture like desk and chairs, beds for the dormitories with mattresses, toys for children in the ECD centres, school uniforms and much more for the schools we support in the settlements.

In Education management we are involved with Early Child Development (ECD) Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Vocational Education.

ECDs and Child Friendly Spaces:

These are centers meant for early childhood learning and play centers for children aged 3-5 years. Windle International plays the over­sight role for these centres however there are other partners, in­cluding Save the Children, World Vision and Unicef.


WIU is involved in Primary education by providing needed infrastructures, scholastic materials 

Vocational Institutions were built in two of our settlements (Kiryandongo and Nakivale) where we provide training of vocational skills to refugees which will improve their self-reliance and empowerment through the skills gained at the end of the courses and the start-up kits we normally provide to give them a kick start at the end of their courses.