When Windle International Uganda entered Palabek Regugees Settlement in Lamwo district in May 2017, the whole area was a deserted bush, with intermitten homestaeds of the host communities, but not anymore. With support from the community leaders, OPM and UNHCR, Windle established 8 ECDs, 7 primary schools, and one Secondary school within the Settlement. A once quite village is now filled with life, endless edducational activities, human laughter and sounds. These sounds of happiness don’t come from only Ugandan in their mother country, but, grateful and hopeful South Sudanese refugees. Some, young adults, others elderly and majority are children as well as expectant mothers who were relocated to the reception centre from Ngomoromo collection point. This comes after the official opening of Plabek reception center and settlement in Lamwo district, Northern Uganda in April 2017.

Education Meeting

Community Education Planning meetings in Palabek, Lamwo district to open schools.

UNHCR Planner with the team from Windle International Uganda during the site visit to open schools in Palabek Settlement.