Prequalification and Frame Agreement 2020/2021

EU Bid Advert Ref: WIU/EU/RFP/SERVICE/2020/001

Category 1Frame Work Items 
1Provision of Internet Services at WIU HQ and Kyangwali Office10 Mbps Fibre Technology at WIU HO Download
3 Mbps Microwave Technology at Kyangwali CTA Download Latitude: 1.145166666 Longitude: 30.7495266666 Altitude: 1146.00
Sophos Internet Security Firewall XG210 at WIU HO Download location
2Maintenance and repair of Office Equipment (Printers and Computers)Down load
3Maintenance and repair of motor Vehicle and motor CycleDown load
1 Supply and Delivery of assorted TonersDown load
2 Supply and Delivery of Office SuppliesDown load
3 Supply and Delivery of Assorted Games and Sports
Down load
4 Supply and Delivery of Assorted Scholastic and Instructional MaterialsDown load
5 Supply and Delivery of Assorted Laboratory Reagents and EquipmentDown load
6 Supply and Delivery of Hardware Construction MaterialsDown load
7 Supply and Delivery of TyresDown load
8 Supply and Delivery of Schools’ FurnitureDown load
9 Design and Supply of Visibility MaterialsDown load
10 Supply and Delivery of Assorted Riding Gear and Guard
Equipment for all the refugee settlements
Down load
Category 2Pre-qualification Items 
AHotel Services 
1 Secondary Transportation and Courier ServicesDown load
2 Air ticketing and ReservationsDown load
3 Catering ServicesDown load
4 Supply and Installation of Solar and Inverter Systems for all the refugee settlements.Down load
5 Motor Vehicle Hire (4×4 Cars)Down load
1Office Furniture (Tables, Chairs, etc)
Down load
2 Office Equipment (Computers, Printers, Scanners,
Down load

Note 1: For category 1 and 2 all participants must fill the vendor profile and registration form Download here. Must fill and comply.

Only successful participants will be asked to present samples that are not refundable.

Note 2: Due to the recent COVID-19 lock down, WIU is extending deadline date from 02/04/2020 to one week after the lock down has been lifted. Thanks

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