EU Bid Advert Ref: WIU/EU/RFP/SERVICE/2020/001

Category 1 Frame Work Items  
A Service  
1 Provision of Internet Services at WIU HQ and Kyangwali Office 10 Mbps Fibre Technology at WIU HO Download
3 Mbps Microwave Technology at Kyangwali CTA Download Latitude: 1.145166666 Longitude: 30.7495266666 Altitude: 1146.00
Sophos Internet Security Firewall XG210 at WIU HO Download location
2 Maintenance and repair of Office Equipment (Printers and Computers) Down load
3 Maintenance and repair of motor Vehicle and motor Cycle Down load
B Goods  
1  Supply and Delivery of assorted Toners Down load
2  Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies Down load
3  Supply and Delivery of Assorted Games and Sports
Down load
4  Supply and Delivery of Assorted Scholastic and Instructional Materials Down load
5  Supply and Delivery of Assorted Laboratory Reagents and Equipment Down load
6  Supply and Delivery of Hardware Construction Materials Down load
7  Supply and Delivery of Tyres Down load
8  Supply and Delivery of Schools’ Furniture Down load
9  Design and Supply of Visibility Materials Down load
10  Supply and Delivery of Assorted Riding Gear and Guard
Equipment for all the refugee settlements
Down load
Category 2 Pre-qualification Items  
A Hotel Services  
1  Secondary Transportation and Courier Services Down load
2  Air ticketing and Reservations Down load
3  Catering Services Down load
4  Supply and Installation of Solar and Inverter Systems for all the refugee settlements. Down load
5  Motor Vehicle Hire (4×4 Cars) Down load
B Goods  
1 Office Furniture (Tables, Chairs, etc) Down load
2 Office Equipment (Computers, Printers, Scanners,
Down load

Note 1: For category 1 and 2 all participants must fill the vendor profile and registration form Download here. Must fill and comply.

Only successful participants will be asked to present samples that are not refundable.

Note 2: Due to the recent COVID-19 lock down, WIU is extending deadline date from 02/04/2020 to one week after the lock down has been lifted.

Note 3: The reference is made to the advert that ran in New vision of Thursday, March 19, 2020 in which the deadline for submission of bids was Thursday 2nd April 2020. Due to the COVID_19 Lock down which took effect from 31 March 2020, this was not possible. This is therefore to inform the prospective bidders that the new deadline for submission of bids shall be Monday 15th June 2020.


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