Reading For All Project

Aimed at providing quality education to refugee and host community learners in Rhino Camp, the Reading for All Project is implemented with support from Book Aid International.

The 13 months intervention will support learners in ECD, Primary, and secondary school with  in kind donations of 18,100 books. The project will enhance the pupil-student book ratio in the target settlement schools, and availability and access to books by learners will improve their reading culture and skills. Reading books will enhance learners confidence building through story telling will eventually lead to better learning outcomes and better grades.

The safety and storage of the books will be ensured using procured bookshelves and metal trunks. This will create a long term book usage beyond the current generation of learners.

Literacy levels among the learners will be improved as they will have enough time to read books on their own beyond school time.

Book stamping and Content review by WIU Education programme staff after receiving the first donation on receipt of the books from UNL
Offloading of the cupboards procured with funding from Book Aid International, taking place at Yoro primary school on 25th August 2020.
Book shelves in the store in one of the classrooms at Yoro Primary School


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