Refugee students travel to Canada for University study and resettlement.

Some of the students en route to Canada at the Amsterdam Airport.

Windle International Uganda (WIU) in partnership with World University Services Canada (WUSC) has supported 29refugee students to travel to Canada under the Student Refugee Program (SRP). The SRP is a unique program that combines resettlement to Canada with access to post-secondary education for young refugees. It is a Canadian government program spearheaded by students and implemented by WUSC, a leading Canadian Education INGO.

The 29 students are part of a group of 35 that make up the second cohort of youth to benefit from the Student Refugee Program since it was introduced in Uganda last year. These students’ travel cannot be taken for granted given the ongoing pandemic that has affected operations in all sectors of the world.

According to UNHCR, of all the students in the world that access Higher Education, only 3% are refugees. And Higher Education is currently the least funded level of education mostly due to the high costs involved in attaining it, making it even harder for refugees who are financially handicapped.

The SRP, therefore, remains a ray of hope for refugees who manage to complete Secondary Level Education as it annually identifies and selects suitable students from across East/Southern Africa to go to Canada. This is not only a promise for a good Education but an opportunity for permanent residence in Canada.

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