Sesen Mehari 

Looking back 5 years ago, I never thought that I would successfully accomplish my degree and be able to wear that gown and smile for the camera to capture the moment. I was raised to appreciate academic excellence and always aspired to it from a young age.

In February 2016 my father passed away, I felt as if half my own life perished with him. It was the first loss to hit me so dramatically and my hope and dreams of going to university were shuttered. Being a refugee in Uganda meant that I didn’t stand a chance at qualifying for government sponsorship like my peers. I had lost all hope until I came across a sponsorship by an organization whose mission is dedicated to provision and coordination of education and training of refugees. I became a beneficiary of Windle International Uganda in 2017. I pursued a bachelor of science degree in telecommunications engineering, which I completed and graduated with in May 2022.

Windle has supported my academic journey for the past 4 to 5 years, not only financially but in other countless ways, from creating a platform for people with similar experiences I could interact with, to organizing career workshops that were very beneficial. Organizations like Windle International Uganda are very vital and play a big role in the humanitarian space by giving hope to those who are unfortunate victims of displacement and conflict. I will always be grateful for the opportunity grunted to me and the organization will always be dear to my heart.

– Sesen Mehari 

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