St. Pauls’ Cheam UK – Construction of Girls Dormitory in Rhino High School (2019)

In Rhino Camp Refugee settlement, there are only 2 secondary schools (Rhino Camp High School and Ofua Secondary School). However they are located far from many of the learners homes, making it difficult for majority of them to access secondary education, especially females. This constantly led to the drop out of girls.

WIU in partnership with St. Pauls’ Cheam UK constructed a girl’s dormitory with a latrine with 3 stances and wash facilities. In the first term of 2020, 108 girls were able to join the boarding section. The construction of the dormitory has enabled the girls to be proud of being at school and they now feel secure when they stay at school. Before the commissioning of the girls dormitory the school had only 132 girls and only after one month of the dormitory being in use, 216 girls joined the school.

Learners outside their dormitory with WIU staff
Inside the girls dormitory
Bathing shelter & incinerator
The drainable latrine after construction

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