Strengthening Refugee and Host Community Learner Retention in Schools of Rhino Camp, lmvepi, Nakivale and Kyangwali Settlements (April 2022 to March 2023)

Uganda is Africa’s leading host country for refugees with 1,573,291 refugees with approximately 53% children and youth requiring access to education opportunities (UNHCR, 31/12/2021). The refugee influx into Uganda has strained basic service provision, especially education (Education Response Plan, 2018). Schools therefore struggle to deliver quality education due to the challenging situations they face leading to low access, high dropout and poor transition rates characterizing education for refugees and host communities in Uganda.

With funding from British Council, Windle International Uganda is strengthening refugee and host community learner retention in schools. The project will specifically;

  • Expand the language of resilience training to reach 120 more teachers in the targeted settlements.
  • Conduct instructional leadership training targeting school management structures (Parents Teachers’ Association and School Management Committees) as well as school administrators in 58 target schools. This will create awareness on Uganda government guidelines on acceptance of pregnant and breast feeding girls to return safely to school.
  • Organize trainings in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for teachers to equip them with skills and knowledge on handling learners with social emotional needs to build their resilience. The training will also cover the abridged curriculum, code of conduct, inclusive education, learner assessment, accommodation of learners with special needs and COVID-¬≠19 adaption and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Conduct training in intercultural relationships for local leaders and refugee welfare councilors to ensure conflict sensitive education.
  • Promote referral and linkage for learners who require specialized psychosocial support. Referral will be done to partners who provide this specialized services.
  • Conduct back to school campaigns in the targeted settlements to promote access to education by vulnerable learners

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