Igniting Martin’s Passion

He had dreams but dared not mention them. Slowly, they fizzled off, and self-pity took shape. For a while, Martin Unza’s life was a gamble, a meal here and there; anything to survive. Some days food eluded him, and when he managed, it was never a decent meal. Despite being just 26 years then, Unza, […]

Skilling Adults: Sebastian’s Realised Dream

Seven years ago, a taxi stopped at Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Isingiro District, and a severely broke twenty-eight-year-old disembarked. Save for the paltry four hundred Ugandan shillings (about ten pennies) and a one thousand shillings airtime debt on his tattered phone, Sebastian Muzahura had nothing to his name. Not even the day’s meal! His host […]