Infrastructural Development

Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment- education infrastructure – are crucial elements of learning environments in schools and universities. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves learner outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits. At WIU, our commitment to providing Quality Education and Training means that we also emphasize the learning […]

St. Pauls’ Cheam UK – Construction of Girls Dormitory in Rhino High School (2019)

In Rhino Camp Refugee settlement, there are only 2 secondary schools (Rhino Camp High School and Ofua Secondary School). However they are located far from many of the learners homes, making it difficult for majority of them to access secondary education, especially females. This constantly led to the drop out of girls. WIU in partnership […]

Barnabas Fund – Construction of 10 Tukuls at Rhino High School (2018)

In a bid to support secondary education, WIU in partnership with Barnabas Fund constructed teachers’ accommodation for teacher to enhance their performance in the teaching-learning process. This project addressed the challenge of long distance daily travel for at least 10 out of the 16 teaching staff members in Rhino Camp High School. Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement only […]