Double Shift Schooling System

WIU is implementing the Double Shift Schooling System (DSSS) in 27 primary schools within Kyangwali, Imvepi, Rhino Camp, Palabeck-Lamwo, Palorinya-Obongi and Nakivale reaching out to 56,102 learners. The Double Shift School System (DSSS) is an approach where a school has two shifts each day, with one group of learners -studying early in the day and […]

DIY Drone

Bonome, Tony & Matiya, are the brilliant minds behind the DIY Drone. DIY standing for ‘Do It Yourself’ The DIY drone is made out of local materials with the aim of helping transport vaccines in Uganda. The minds behind this innovation are WIU supported students at Kyangwali Secondary School. The students are able to innovate […]