Vocational Education

Vocational Skills Training

Education is an empowerment right, and an indispensable means of realizing other human rights. It is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized people including refugees and the host community can get out of poverty and fully participate in development. Education outcomes at individual, community and national levels have a direct link with human and national development making it a fundamental development pillar and therefore critical to tackle it from a development perspective.
Vocationalizing secondary education is an innovative approach to adapt the current secondary education to benefit refugees and marginalized members of the host community by mainstreaming vocational skills training in the regular curriculum to bridge this skills gap. It adds value to content delivery mechanism to ensure right skills, motivation and tools for teachers to bring a revolution from traditional to practical skill delivery for self-reliant secondary school graduates.
i) To provide employment relevant knowledge and skills and nurture attitude of the young people in settlement Secondary Schools.
ii) To enhance youth entrepreneurial productivity and competitiveness in the area of vocational practice.
iii) To equip unemployed youth and school leavers with employable and marketable skills and moral rehabilitation.

Content Delivery Method
Vocational skills’ training is comprehensive and focused on productivity. It is offered as a parallel program along the normal curriculum for a period of two comprehensive years.
The teaching reflects a situation of a real world of work with projects and assignments simulating the work place atmosphere. The trainees / students are assessed on a day to day basis; their weekly progress is also monitored by the instructors and their learning level is individually evaluated at the end of the training. The vocational Training is accredited by Ministry of Education, Directorate of Industrial Training and students issued with certificates upon completion of courses.