Windle International Uganda Scholarship Was a Game Changer in My Academic Journey

Lembusa Nakyoyo, is originally from Democratic Republic of Congo but currently living in North Dakota, USA.  In 2008, he left his home country and migrated to Uganda with a family of 10 due to political instability. Lembusa had faced numerous challenges in his early life, having been displaced from his home due to conflict. Despite the adversity he faced, Lembusa was a bright and determined student who dreamed of a better future.

When he arrived in Uganda, he was granted refugee status in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in 2009 where he started his educational journey at Kashojwa Primary School from primary two to primary seven where he did his Primary Leaving Examinations and got 16 aggregates.

“When I completed my primary level education, I had no hope of joining secondary school because my parents could not afford the school fees. By that time, we were 8 children and 7 of us were in school. My parents were burdened by the school fees and all the other scholastic materials that we needed to perform,” Lembusa recalls.

One day, a glimmer of hope appeared when representatives from Windle International Uganda (WIU) visited Nakivale Refugee Settlement. They were on a mission to identify talented students with the potential for a brighter future through education. Lembusa caught their attention with his dedication to his studies and determination.

Lembusa was awarded a partial scholarship from Windle International Uganda with support from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which covered his secondary education. This scholarship provided him with access to quality education, textbooks, and other essential resources that were previously beyond his reach. He embraced this opportunity with gratitude and a fierce commitment to excel.

“When I joined Nakivale Secondary School in 2016, I paid school fees for only Senior One in 2016. When I completed Senior One and at the beginning of Senior Two in 2017, Akwi Mary Goretti who was the deputy head teacher at the time brought applications from WIU for sponsorship of refugee students to apply. I applied with other students and in a couple of months, names of those who had been granted partial sponsorship were released and I was among them,” Lembusa revealed.

This marked the beginning of Lembusa’s academic journey at Nakivale Secondary School.

“I had this partial sponsorship from Senior 2 to Senior 6. The scholarship helped me to concentrate on my academics while not worrying about school fees which enabled my parents to support my other siblings in lower primary levels,” Lembusa said.

Over the years, Lembusa’s hard work paid off. He is currently in the United States studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Minnesota State University. He recent received a letter from his university congratulating him upon a great performance of GPA 3.99 /4 which ranked him among the top performers at the university.

While at university, Lembusa is able to work as a Correctional Officer at Clay County Sheriff Department.

“Honestly speaking, Windle International Uganda was the bridge to my success. It was a game changer in my academics. It gave me new wings that have made me go higher in the sky like an Eagle,” Lembusa noted. Adding, “From my experience, I have come to find that you may have a beautiful home, fancy car in a foreign country but “the only thing you can export is Your Education”.

Compiled by: Joseph Waninda

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