WIU Board Members Visit Refugee Settlement Schools: A Journey of Hope and Solidarity

In an effort to gain firsthand insight into the challenges faced by refugees and the education of refugee learners and host communities, the Board of Trustees Windle International Uganda visited Arua region where they have had a chance to interact with UNHCR sub office staff, settlement commandants, staff and key stakeholders in the region. The board members visited several refugee settlement schools in Rhino Camp and Imvepi refugee settlements, which are home to a significant population of displaced individuals.

The visit aimed to strengthen the organization’s commitment to refugee education and demonstrate solidarity with displaced communities. The journey revealed both the hardships endured by refugee learners and the resilience of those striving to rebuild their lives through education.

Windle International Uganda has long been committed to providing education and support to refugee children. With a focus on ensuring the right to education for all, the organization works to create safe and conducive learning environments for displaced children. The board members’ visit was an opportunity to witness the impact of our initiatives firsthand.

Board members engaged with teachers and community structures to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by different communities. The visit highlighted the positive impact of education on refugees and host communities.

The Board members further interacted with WIU’s local staff, discussing ongoing programs and future initiatives. The visit underscored the importance of continued support and advocacy for refugee education. “I want to express my gratitude to the teachers and staff who tirelessly dedicate themselves to providing education in the face of daunting challenges. Your unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds and spirits of these young learners is truly commendable. You are not just educators; you are beacons of hope and agents of change,” Dr. Kedrace Turyagyenda, the Chairperson Programme Committee of the Board of Trustees noted.

The board members’ visit to refugee settlement schools was a moving journey that reinforced WIU’s commitment to refugee education. “As board members, it is our responsibility to ensure that these schools continue to be places of refuge, learning, and healing. We will advocate for increased resources, improved facilities, and enhanced teacher training. We will work tirelessly to raise awareness and secure the support needed to empower these communities,” Ms. Christina Ntulo, Chairperson Human Resources and Administration Committee said.

The board visit will inform WIU’s future at a strategic level, aiming to create even more meaningful impact in the lives of refugee children and their families. “I am deeply moved by the experiences and stories I have encountered during our visit to these refugee settlement schools. Our journey into the heart of these communities has been nothing short of eye-opening, heart-warming, and profoundly humbling,” Mr. Micheal Mafabi, Chairperson Governance committee noted.

Written by: Joseph Waninda

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