Windle International Uganda WIU organized a science and innovation fair in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement where six primary schools namely; Arnold, Bidong, Victoria, Panyadoli Hills, Ematong, and Canrom primary schools participated. The theme of the fair was “Environment Conservation” where all schools prepared and presented three different projects in line with the theme.

Ematong Primary School was the overall winner and was handed a trophy. The other two best project authors got WIU branded items. One learner was from Ematong primary school with her energy-saving stove and the other learner was from Bidong primary school with a similar project name.

The function was held at Kiryandongo Community Technology Access Centre (CTA) where all schools convened to present their projects before a select team of judges.

The function was attended by 350 people mostly pupils, all participants, and schools received certificates of participation. It was a joy to witness learners being able to present and put their imaginations into reality. The event’s guest of honour was the District Education Officer, who appreciated the idea and thanked Windle International Uganda for conducting the first function of its kind in the entire Kiryandongo District.

The goal of this science fair was to create a lively learning environment by supporting and promoting extra co-curricular activities in schools by giving pupils room to think and create their own imaginations, improve communication skills and develop cognitive abilities, encourage interactions, social cohesion, and peaceful co-existence among the learners as well as develop the learners’ talents.

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