Windle International Uganda create opportunities for youth who have completed primary education (PLE) to access Secondary Education. Windle is reaching 20,557 students both Ugandan Nationals and refugees.

Providing Access to Quality Secondary Education

Windle Uganda works in partnership with UNHCR and OPM to manage refugee education. As a lead partner of UNHCR, Wildle coordinates education within refugee settlements on behalf of UNHCR & OPM.

Partnership Coordination & Engagement

Windle International Uganda has a Home in Mawanda Road, Mulago Hill, Kamwokya Plot 726, off Church Road, Kampala - Uganda.

WIndle Home in Uganda

Windle International Uganda works in partnership with UNHCR & OPM to management refugee education.  As a lead partner, Wildle coordinates education sector in all refugee settlements on behalf of UNHCR & OPM.

Partnership with the Government & OPM

Enrolment in ECD is currently (as of September 2017) at 54,678
Enrolment in Primary educations is 237,075
The transition from Primary to secondary is at 70%

Management of Refugees Education in Uganda

The Uganda Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and have already geocoded 569 projects from 38 different donors identifying more than 2,500 project locations.

Increasing Access to Girl-child Education in Uganda

Windle International Uganda empowers students enrolled in secondary schools not to only attain acadmemic qualification but to also have a trade when they finish O level to graduate with a certificate in a practical trades.

Vocationalisation of Secondary Education in Uganda
Refugees Education
Refugee Education in Uganda
Refugee scholarship
The 8 WIU UK Masters Students 2018/2019 with the Executive Director, James Aryam.
WIU UK Master Students 2018
Refugee Education in Uganda
A refugee teacher in Luru Primary School attends to children outside classroom in Luru Primary Schoolin Moyo district, Uganda.

WIU Engages Refugee Teachers in Refugees Education:

Windle International Uganda

Windle International Uganda is a registered NGO whose primary mission is to equip refugees and others affected by conflict in Africa to meet the challenges of development through providing access to education, training, and employment opportunities by advocacy and direct programme activity. Windle International Uganda  has been a leading provider of access to university education, post-primary education, and vocational training for conflict-affected Africans since 1996.

Through education a student is taught how to live his life by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality through theoretical training where he is to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove.

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