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Sponsorship Opportunites to Canada through Student Refugee Programmes (SRP)

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WIU Scholars 2018/19 in the company of the Executive Director (WIU) 2nd from right (front row); Programme Manager – Scholarship, Head of Programmes and Programme Officer – Scholarship lining at the back row.


Windle International Uganda in partnership with World University Services Canada (WUSC) is pilotting Student Refugee Program (SRP) in Uganda. WUSC has worked with Windle in Kenya for over 20 years and to refugees in Uganda, this is yet another opportunity besides DAFI Scholarship for Refugee Youth in Uganda to access Higher Education.

Note that this is a sponsorship Program that comes with an opportunity for refugees between 18-25 Years of age to continue with their Studies as well as re-settle in Canada (SRP Combines Sponsorship with resettlement). We have between 20-30 Scholarship for the first year of implementation and is expected to increase  in the next coming  years.  There is no fixed quota for any settlement, the award and number per refugee location will depend on the individual merit of the candidates.

WUSC and WIU after screening over 1400 applications submitted, the following are applicants shortlisted for Language Test on Monday in their various settlements.

Download the SRP November 2018 Shortlst for Language Test and ensure you are the right candidate shortlisted. Please make sure you have your correct identification documents during this process.

For support during this process, please write to Windle through and you will be accorded all the necessary supported. Please call office phones ONLY during working hours. Don’t call WIU staff/mobile phones as personal cellphone  are not easily documented for reference purposes.


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