Nakivale: Nakivale refugee settlement was established in 1958 and officially recognized as a refugee settlement in 1960 through the Uganda Gazette General Notice No. 19. Currently, the majority of refugees in the settlement are Congolese. The settlement is divided into 79 villages with an average of 800 to 1,000 people per village.
There is an estimated population of over 35,000 nationals surrounding the Refugee Settlement who directly benefit from water, education, health and nutrition programmes in the settlement. UNHCR funds and monitors the implementation of sub-projects activities and interfaces with implementing partners involved in providing social service like Windle International Uganda for education. 

The population in Nakivale is heterogeneous with many cultures and groups from different nationalities.  The settlement now accommodates over 62,000 persons of concern. Despite sustained activities to promote voluntary repatriation for refugees from Rwanda, very few Rwandans are willing to return home. Nakivale host refugees from Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Somalis with few remnants from other countries.

Windle International Ugand is the lead education partner in the settlement providing access to quality education to refugees and members from the host communities through ECD, Primary, Secondary and Vocational educations within the settlement.

Windle International Uganda also provide Scholarships for OVC to access secondary education outside the settlement. through DAFI, Windle offers opportunity for these youngsters to join university education.


Pupils of Nyarugugu Primary School in Nakivale Refugees Settlement, Isingiro District.

Pupils of Nyarugugu Primary School in Nakivale Refugees Settlement, Isingiro District.

@WindleUganda : Nakivale SS 2017

Students of Nakivale Secondary School in from of their Hall Constructed by Windle International Uganda in Isingiro District.